Dr. Barry McAlpine

Originally from - Michigan

Current location - Holland Michigan

Year graduated - 1971, retired 2018

Name of Practice -McAlpine Chiropractic Group

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My Story

I started Palmer College in October of 1967. Three days earlier, I was in Vietnam serving as a squad leader and point man for a recon team of the First Cavalry Division. The soldiers I served with were a strong brotherhood of smart and brave men; bonded together with what can only be earned through tough combat experiences. After my first day at Palmer College, I quickly discovered that going from a life that consisted of daily combat to becoming a full-time student was very challenging. I didn’t fit in. My world had dramatically changed. The curriculum was rigorous. I had so much pent-up energy with no physical outlets. Hey, a seasoned combat veteran needs no support system, but this rigorous education program was obviously becoming a train wreck! What did I get myself into? I really missed my combat team members.  I was used to working 24/7 but within a huge brotherhood circle. After several weeks of classes, a few of Palmer’s veteran rugby players recruited me to join them on the rugby field to see what this game was all about. Since I had a background in several high school sports, I thought “what could I lose? I’ll check it out.” Well, at the end of my first week of practice I discovered playing rugby was my secret sauce. I went home each night mentally tired and physically tired. The physicality of working with other men to achieve goals for my life was what I was missing. The challenges and comradery of sports and teamwork are extremely important to a certain type of individual.


After graduation from Palmer, I quickly started a private practice in Holland, Michigan. Since I was used to working with team members to achieve a common goal and outcome, I immediately was drawn into state association and national association politics. Working as a team, learning the ropes, and reviewing the goals and history of the organizations simply made sense to me. Incidentally, these organizations were directly connected to the success of my practice and my profession. It became obvious to me that being a Palmer educated Chiropractor was more than a job, it gave me a way of life - a purpose. But most importantly, a “lasting purpose.” That philosophy of life has carried over to my family and has provided them a guiding star regarding their philosophy of life. Consequently, two of my six children are Palmer graduates and currently practice in Michigan.


The years have quickly gone past. I can proudly claim that after 55 years of enrolling at Palmer College I’m still in almost weekly contact with many former rugby teammates from the 1968-1970 era. I don’t think it’s common to have that many close friendships with such a group of wonderful like-minded men.  I am privileged and honored to be a Palmer College graduate!

Barry and Wife


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