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Drs. Kyle and Bailey Nye

Originally from - Wisconsin

Current location - Madison, WI

Year graduated - 2011

Name of practice - All About Chiropractic, Health Care, Family care

Any specializations - Sports Injury and Rehabilitation


Our Story

Tell us a little bit about your practice today?
Our practice is located in Madison, WI. We are one of the largest cash-based wellness practices in our area. Our practice utilizes 8 Weeks to Wellness, which is a holistic, chiropractic lifestyle program. We concentrate on holistic health that includes Chiropractic, nutrition, physical fitness, massage, and mindfulness. We are also recognized by many businesses in Madison as wellness experts and frequently are requested to present lunch and learn workshops, organize wellness functions, and participate on health and wellness panels.


Favorite Palmer memory?
I suppose my husband would be upset if I didn’t say my favorite memory from Palmer was meeting him ;). In truth, he not only is my favorite, but was apart of many of my favorite class and rugby memories. I have to say getting the opportunity to travel to Brazil for clinic abroad was an amazing experience. Life changing in that we got to treat and help individuals who need the care we provide. If miracles in healing didn't happen on campus, they happened on clinic abroad. Truly a humbling and life changing experience.


(Kyle) My favorite Palmer memory would have to be working in the AHC with Dr. Virginia Barber and Dr. Gallagher. I learned different techniques from them that I still apply every day in practice. It was a fun and educational environment which has helped me succeed as a doctor in my own clinic.


Favorite Palmer rugby memory?
My favorite Palmer Rugby Memory took place at our home pitch. It was a tournament game against UW Madison. We were playing in tournament to make the Sweet 16. If we won we would be the first female team in Palmer history to make the tournament. We were getting our butts whooped. After half time the fire and ambition was contagious, as a team we decided there was no way we were going to lose this game. We literally pulled off a scrabbling try with seconds to go, to win the game!

(Kyle) Going to back-to-back Final 4 appearances for the D1 National Championships is by far the best memories I have. The road to the finals and then competing with the best in the world was more than most ruggers get to experience in their careers. To be able to represent Palmer Chiropractic on a huge stage life that is a memory that I will have and share for the rest of my life.


Tell us how Palmer prepared you to become the Chiropractor you are today?
I think Palmer and Rugby shaped the practice we have today. It is too easy to fall into a pain based model of practice that relies on what insurance describes as “medically necessary.” As a rugger and athlete, Kyle and I realized how important chiropractic was for our bodies and our overall well-being. Why do only professional athletes and celebrities get to experience the wellness benefits of chiropractic? We wanted to bring that attention to family practice. Without our athletic backgrounds and compassion for chiropractic philosophy learned at Palmer, we wouldn't have the practice we do today.


Why did you choose Palmer College of Chiropractic?
After considering other chiropractic schools, I decided on Palmer for two reasons. The campus, campus life and the history. Kyle always knew Palmer was his school. He has a strong familial history of chiropractic, and with the influence of his grandfather, whom he admired greatly, there was no other option.

What were you doing before you came to Palmer, career, school, sport?
Prior to Palmer, I had graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. During college I played volleyball and was interested in finding a career that followed a holistic lifestyle and benefited athletes like me. I like to say Chiropractic found me, as I was a migraine suffer and stumbled upon the non medicinal treatment for my migraines and then through that found the benefits with my athletic performance and future career course.

(Kyle) Before starting college, I always knew I wanted to become a chiropractor. There are 3 generations of chiropractors in my family that attended Palmer, so I knew I needed to get some pre requisites to be accepted. So I attended Northern State University on a football scholarship while working towards my bachelor’s degree.


Any words of advice for current students?
If I had any advice for current students, I would say that chiropractic has the power to change your life or inhibit your life. Like all careers, it is a business and it takes work and dedication. As a chiropractor you have the opportunity to advance the health of your community. It’s not for the light-hearted, but for the determined.

Bailey Nye
Kyle Nye
Spring 09
Team photo Fall 2010


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