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Dr. Tracy Francis-Nguyen

Originally from - Rochester, NY

Current location - Sauk City, WI

Year graduated - 2006

Name of practice - Luedtke Storm Mackey Chiropractic (LSM)

Specializations - Family/prenatal/pediatric Chiropractic

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My Story

Originally from upstate NY, I am a proud Army wife with two children Vinh (age 10) and Tien (age 8). I enjoy rugby, soccer, dance, volleyball, outdoor activities, live music, and spending time with my family when I am not at work. Before chiropractic school I was a professional dancer for the Rochester Rhinos soccer and Knighthawks lacrosse teams, as well as playing collegiate, club and select side rugby while finishing my BS in biology and chemistry at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY.

Currently I am an associate doctor at Luedtke Storm Mackey Chiropractic (LSM) in the Sauk City, WI location. LSM has been the leading Wellness Centers in the Greater Madison, Wisconsin area for over 65 years offering Chiropractic Care, Laser Therapy, and Naturopathic Medicine. We believe in advancing the human experience by helping patients find pain relief, recover from injury or surgery faster, better manage their medical conditions, and live healthier and better lives naturally. We have 19 clinics in the Madison area, and practice using the Palmer package with an emphasis on the Gonstead technique.  I have a focus on family/prenatal/pediatric chiropractic but love to see patients of all ages.

My favorite Palmer memory was Palmer Clinic Abroad in Vietnam. I spent 3weeks travelling around Southern Vietnam providing care to the citizens of the small communities. We saw the mountains in the North and the beaches of the South. At the towns we would come in on tour buses and see people lined up around the block to be seen. It was amazing to provide care to these people and saw firsthand the 2nd and 3rd generation effects of agent orange. We also were able to see how the Vietnamese people saw the Vietnam war and were the guerilla warfare occurred. The people were so grateful, and I was able to see firsthand so many miracle cases that you usually only get to read about while I was there

My favorite memory is the first All Iowa tournament we went to our first spring season in 2004. We had an awesome weekend on our first big travel event in conjunction with the men’s team. We played hard, taking 2nd in the tournament, but due to numbers and minor injuries I ended up playing positions from my usual #15 (fullback) all the way up to #2 (hooker). The only positions I didn’t play that game was prop and 8man. That weekend cemented us as a team, and we all made memories that we reminisce about today.

My other favorite memory of Palmer rugby came this past spring when I travelled with the team to St. Louis and then Atlanta for the playoffs and National final four tournament this past spring of 2022. I was so proud, and it was awesome to see how amazing a team I had started 18years had become and what a powerhouse they are.

Palmer provided me the opportunities to learn and the chance to be around a wide variety of techniques and philosophies which then allowed me to grow into approaches and way I practice chiropractic today. It also allowed me a greater knowledge of the different techniques even if I don’t use them. When I get a difficult case, that may not respond as well to my techniques, this enables me to make proper referrals to certain specialties within chiropractic that address issues that may not be responding as I would like them to. Palmer also helped me through my efforts of starting the women’s team that I learned valuable leadership skills, as well as how much I can achieve when I put my heart and full commitment into a goal.

I chose Palmer because it is the fountainhead. I wanted to go where it all started. The strong basis in philosophy, and excellent teachers I was exposed to also solidified my decision. The smaller community and lower cost of living also played a role in helping me to keep my overall cost down as compared to other schools as well.  I also knew of the long history of men’s Rugby team and while there was not yet a woman’s team, I planned to start one.


Any words of advice for current students? Be open to any all opportunities and chances to learn from those who have come before.  You may not always be able to use the information or agree with it- but you never know when that information can help or be useful. Sometimes the greatest lessons come from the biggest failures and learning from those who have already made them can help us avoid them ourselves. Science, like life is ever evolving and changing, and as we grow and learn change is also inevitable. Be humble. Patients won’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Be open to new experiences.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Let's connect.

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