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Special praise for our coach Coach Giovanni Frapporti

04/10/2020, 1:45pm CDT

Giovanni Frapporti- A Palmer Legend

I first met Giovanni Frapporti at Moline Airport in 2016. I arrived late at night and being new to the college and area I couldn’t remember how to get home without GPS. This was Giovanni’s first time in the USA, to tour Palmer College, and he suggested which exit to take- as he had already studied the area.
At that moment I realized a foreshadowing of his brilliance and that this man had something extraordinary in him. He would end up a perfect illustration of what a Palmer Chiropractor should be.  Giovanni and his wife, Silvia Bodini, moved to the Davenport, Iowa and together began a new exciting journey.

While filled with huge triumphs, these also proved to be some of the darkest days for the couple- including Giovanni breaking his neck while playing the sport he loved for Palmer Rugby.  Nevertheless, I watched as these two warriors continued to strive, using their obstacles as spring-boards to further love and support those around them.  Shortly after, Giovanni took the arduous challenge of becoming the Head Rugby Coach of Palmer. Everyone that got to interact with him, or watched from afar, observed what a true, honorable gentlemen he is. As if this all wasn’t enough, Giovanni is a second-language English speaker, who never got less than an A in any class in America. In June 2020 he will also remarkably graduate as Valedictorian of his Palmer Chiropractic class.

What should’ve been a glorious ending to their American story, amidst a global pandemic- Silvias father passed away suddenly. Giovanni and Silvia decided together that amidst this crazy time in this world they are going to fly back to Italy permanently tomorrow. They will return to be with Silvia’s surviving mother and their families- including Giovanni’s father who is a MD on the front lines in the Italy Covid-19 crisis.
At the culmination of his efforts and triumphs Giovanni chose to pass on the acknowledgement and keep his promise to his wife and her family and will now graduate remotely and give his Valedictorian Speech from Italy in June 2020.

Giovanni has shown nothing but class, courage and desire throughout his career in USA. I know that I am not alone in saying that Giovanni is a beacon for what a great Palmer Rugby Player, Chiropractor and man should be.

We are thinking about both of them, their families and hope they are able to travel home safe. They will be missed and we hope to see them again in the future!
- Dr. Michael Lawrenson

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