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Symposium Speaker Spotlight - Dr. Kevin Hearon

02/04/2018, 9:15am CST

Dr. Kevin G. Hearon

Difficult knee problems made simple

Saturday April 14th, 12 - 2 P.M.

About Dr. Kevin G. Hearon

Dr. Hearon has over 40 years of practice and is the “YODA” of Extremity Adjusting. His books, DVD’s and wall charts are a must in any ones collection of excellent technic. Go almost anywhere in the world and you can see his wall charts and books in chiropractic offices.

Dr. Hearon has been on 15 postgraduate faculties around the world and coordinates numerous instructors that teach for the CEA (council on extremity adjusting) of which he is the president. The CEA is the only certifying agency that give the CCEP designate (certified chiropractic extremity practitioner) through its 105 hour program.

An early innovator in extremity technic, he has produced some of the finest diagnostic workups and protocols for sports and recreational injuries that are used widely today.

The weekend of the Rugby Symposium he will unveil some new knee diagnostic protocols that will sweep you away into extremity land. “YOU CANNOT FIX OR CORRECT WHAT YOU FIRST DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE” and doctor Hearon will show you how to find, locate and fix subluxations of the knees

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