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Symposium Speaker Spotlight - Dr. Matt Hartenburg

02/17/2018, 9:00am CST

Dr. Matt Hartenburg

Heart rate variability - its application for performance and injury risk

Friday April 13th, 7 – 8 P.M.

Dr. Matthew Hartenburg D.C. is a 2009 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.  Dr. Hartenburg played rugby at Palmer from 2004-2008 and was active in the Pi Kappa Chi fraternity. 

Hartenburg currently practices with his wife Dr. Anna Denton D.C. in Frankfort, IL.  He has served as a chiropractor at the CrossFit North Central regionals, USA Weightlifting national championships, and USA Weightlifting Junior national championships, and was once a competitive weightlifter and coach.  Aside from his practice and speaking roles in Chiropractic, Dr. Hartenburg is also a Sergeant in the Illinois Army National Guard, where he serves as a combat engineer. 

Dr. Hartenburg will be speaking about the principle of specific adaptation to imposed demand (SAID), and its relevance to Chiropractic practice.  Sports performance is measured via improvements made during the training cycle.  Athletes routinely overload their physiology in an attempt to create what is known as a super compensation effect resulting in improved strength, speed, and endurance.  However, if an athlete fails to balance adequate recovery efforts with their training effort they run the risk of maladaptation and ultimately non-functional overreach or overtraining. 

Contemporary exercise science is attempting to quantify and explain these adaptations by measuring the function of the autonomic nervous system using heart rate variability.  Dr. Hartenburg has spent the last half decade studying the intricacies of heart rate variability, athletes, and how they relate to Chiropractic practice. 

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